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WOT unistall/install Help
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26th Apr 2015

Found the following might help:::
I'm posting this in the hope that a moderator will pin this for everyone to see...
I just read yet another post where someone was having mod problems and inadvertently trashed their WOT leading to calls for them to do a complete re-install.  There are certainly cases where this may be necessary, however, there is another, less arduous path that may solve your problems.  WOT has a feature that is not apparently widely known where you can cause the game to perform an integrity check on the game files.  This will check the game files for missing or corrupt files and replace only those files. This is a much quicker path than a full client download and re-install.


To invoke the integrity check do the following:

Create a new shortcut for the World of Tanks launcher (you can copy the existing one to start) and edit the properties (right click on the icon and chose properties from the menu) to add "-integrity_default_client" (without the quotes) to the target path (like this:  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\WOTLauncher.exe -integrity_default_client).  Launch the game using this new shortcut and the launcher will perform an integrity check on all of the WOT files.


Hopefully this will help some folks not have to perform a complete client un-install/install.
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